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Welcome to my Creative Portfolio

Listen to samples of my work and stay up to date with the latest developments.

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My Works

My Works

Here are examples of my mixing and mastering.

They cover different genres, as I'm comfortable working with multiple styles of music. 


The songs have been fully mixed and mastered by myself.

Stems were provided by the single artists or by Cambridge Music Technology for educational purposes.

Digression - Jazz
00:00 / 03:43

Digressions is a jazz session recorded in Italy by Alessandro Omiuncolo (Skaf).
All elements were processed with a pinch of distortion (-40 dB) to make everything more vibrant while keeping the live feeling. The beautiful trumpet and sax were EQed to make them really stand out in the mix.

My Future - R&B
00:00 / 02:58

The voice in this beautiful R&B track was processed, treated and modified to make it sound like an old radio speaker. This "old school" feeling is present in all the elements of the project (track?): from the vinyl crackle to the delicate parallel compression. A tiny bit of phasing/flanging creates that vintage vibrato feeling.

One Kiss Cover - Pop
00:00 / 03:39

This amazing cover was treated as a studio-recorded piece. The voice was rendered vibrant and bright for it to stand out from the instrumental: the processing was carried out live during the singing performance. The final master was intentionally kept dynamic to let the mix breathe nicely.

7 Nation Army - Soul
00:00 / 02:41

The soulful instrumental accompanies an outstanding female voice. Vocals were treated with a particular doubling technique for them to open nicely in the mix.

One Life - Techno
00:00 / 06:37

Catchy tech-house / techno hybrid out soon for Sneja recordings. Simple but effective, the bass surrounds the mix without suffocating any of the elements, while the delicate percussions keep the rhythm going.

Ubiquitous - Techno
00:00 / 06:53

Fairly simple on the structure side and complexity of elements its catchy bass and drums make it the perfect club track to listen while dancing.

Adam - Classical
00:00 / 03:15

Well known Classical piece with opera singers

Fresh lazy days - R&B
00:00 / 02:24

Classic arrangement and amazing performance with special attention to noises in this track.

Knockout - Rap
00:00 / 04:28

In this track I applied a special processing on the piano and the horns to give more depth to the melodies.

Boat Ride - Rock
00:00 / 04:36

Distortion in this track was the key for that vintage feeling together with a dedicated processing for the guitars and a tip of extra compression on the drums.

Back Down - Hip Hop
00:00 / 04:06

The dark vibes required a special effects chain, with a really long reverb and 4 dedicated Auxes to treat voices and high pitched melodies

21 Grams - Rock/Pop
00:00 / 03:43

Voices and melodies had to be perfectly balanced to deliver the feeling of this arrangement, reverb is a classic emulation of a Lexicon to keep that "old school" vibe.


My Skills

Music is the Journey

My desire for knowledge and the ability to communicate are what characterise my personal and professional journey. From salesman to sound engineer, I’ve always been eager to understand and to do, putting my best effort in both theoretical and practical challenges.


I am really passionate about sound and music: for the past 18 years, I’ve been gathering notions, tools and new abilities to expand my expertise in those fields.

During this time, I’ve developed exceptional problem-solving skills and in-depth experience in all Audio-related environments. 

I’m highly motivated and very adaptive. I always transmit positivity to my team and fellow colleagues and showcase my passion for Audio to my students and clients. I’ve also developed strong promotional and marketing skills thanks to my years working as a salesman and my first degree in Communication and Marketing.

I am also an experienced music composer with several projects active (check My Music section) and I've developed strong interdisciplinary connections between different areas such as History, Marketing, Psychology, Music, Sociology, Modern & Pop culture, Philosophy and new mediums.

I am extremely proficient and experienced as:

- Recording Technician

- Foley and Voice Acting Recordist and Editor

- Sound Designer 

- Mixing & Mastering Engineer (also for vinyl)

- 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Mixing Engineer 

- Audio Editor & Post Production

- Audio Programmer (MAX-MSP)

- Teacher and Tutor (I am teaching Mixing & Mastering at MecAcademy)

My Degree
Sonic Branding


Next Level Advertisement 

Sonic branding can possibly be more influential than visual advertising: a catchy, simple tune will remind people of your brand immediately.
Think of Mc Donald’s, Intel, etc.

Many studies have shown that music and sonic elements can deeply affect the limbic part of the brain, which deals with memories, emotions and feelings. Sonic branding not only makes you stand out from the competition but it establishes a unique relationship with your clients.

Here you can find some samples of my work.

Amongst them you can find the jingle I’ve made for for the advertising campaign that aired on SKY TV Italy in December 2020.

econviene logo portfolio.png
Econviene Spot SKY-TVFilippo Monico
00:00 / 01:40
Sonic Branding 001Filippo Monico
00:00 / 01:56
Sonic Branding 002Filippo Monico
00:00 / 01:44
Filippo, Monico, Sonic, Branding.jpg
filippo, monico, sonic, branding, music,


A fundamental principle of sound editing is that people hear what they are conditioned to hear, not what they are actually hearing. ​To excel, a sound editor needs not only a sharp, trained ear but also a talent for imagining what a sound could do and what someone else might hear.

In this video, you can appreciate my abilities as a sound designer but also as an editor and mixing engineer.


The original video was completely silent: every sound you hear was thought, recorded or created, edited and then mixed to obtain the final result.Enjoy!


One of the most important subjects is Sound Design and the ability not only to imagine but to create sounds from scratch. 

All samples have been designed and exported using Ableton and ProTools.

Listening to examples, you can clearly individuate the single macro-elements (such as background, explosion, ear-tone, running, etc.) and then appreciate the final result.


Most of the realism is given with Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, together with a resonance that simulates the ear reaction to a close loud sound (explosion).


A curiosity: the “background” sound is actually a recording of some summer fireworks.

001 HUMAN SOUNDFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:23
002 BATTLE SOUNDFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:23
003 EXPLOSIONFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:11
004 BACKGROUNDFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:20
FINAL RESULTFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:23
005 EAR RESONANCEFilippo Monico
00:00 / 00:14
Sound for Media & Sound Design

My first, oldest and main musical identity is Kill the Frequency.

Genre: House, Deep House, Bass House, Melodic Techno

Labels: 27H records, Puro recording, Get in Shape Rec, Funky Intelligence Rec, Tendenza rec, belove rec, IElectronix Rec, Urban Life Rec, Re:Vibe rec, PlayThis rec, Intricare Records, Yokai Music, Krankenhaus rec, Society Music Rec ...

Credited Works
My Music


One man, many souls

A stage name gets often associated with a specific music genre and style. As an artist, I find that extremely limiting.

For that reason, I’ve always had different pseudonyms for all the sides of my personality to roam free and express themselves.

My first, oldest and main musical identity is Kill the Frequency.

Kill The Frequency logo .png
Kill the Frequency
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Genre: House, Deep House, Bass House, Melodic Techno

Labels: 27H records, Puro recording, Get in Shape Rec, Funky Intelligence Rec, Tendenza rec, belove rec, IElectronix Rec, Urban Life Rec, Re:Vibe rec, PlayThis rec, Intricare Records, Yokai Music, Krankenhaus rec, Society Music Rec ...

My second project is D Edge Knight. It recalls the passion I have for history and medieval times.

d edge knight logo.png
D Edge Knight
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Genre: Tech-House, Techno

Labels: Life Sentence Records, Out of Body records, SDB Music, Primate Records, New Creatures rec, Reflective Records, NH2 rec, Trip Records, Club Session records, PlayThis Records, Disco balls records ...

My third Identity is named Furthersoul, with bits of inspiration from Chemical Brothers, Burial and Four Tet

furthersoul logo.png

Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Dark techno, Dub

Labels: Out of Body records, The Purr records, Ishua Rec, Furthersounds rec, Puro recordings, Primate Rec, Interceptor Records,  ...

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My fourth project is Filippe Le Farceur, as the name suggect is a "jolly" project without any specific boundaries

Filippe le farceur logo.png
Filippe le Farceur
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Genre: Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Commercial

Labels: Furthersounds, Puro Recording

During my years at Uni I was also the creator and sole conductor of a radio show called "Triptych" that aired on EGM Electro and S.A.E. London between 2017 and 2018 and consisted of 24 episodes in total.

Here you can listen to some of the episodes


As Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Wake up - Airbas (EP + REMIXES)

Priestess - Maria Antonietta (Jack Wht Remix)

(© 2017 Tanta Roba records)

Lonedom Tales - Furthersoul
(Album - 
© 2017 Furthersounds records)

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Void (Spada Remix)

(© 2018 Remaster Ego Music)

Deusex - Furthersoul
(© 2018 Out of Body Recordings)

King of the Jungle - Shanguy (Spada Remix)
(© 2018 Ego Music - Vae Victis)

The Light Box EP - AIRBAS
(© 2018 Puro recording)

Feelings EP - Bongo Beat VS Airbas
(© 2018 Intricate Records)

Vice village EP - Furthersoul, Paul Daze, Airbas)
(© 2018 The Purr)

BTSound vs Mercedes Henger - Boomerang (BenDJ Remix)  (© 2018 Ego Music - Vae Victis)


Sesso tutta la vita - Jack Wht REMIX
(© 2018 Red Music / Dogozilla - Sony Italy)

The Right Way - Nico Cabeza

(© 2018 BigBeats Records)

Summer dreams - Jack Wht Remix

(© 2018 Ego Music)

Hold my hand & Stargazing - JAY ADIM
(© 2018-19 Suono Recordings)

La Flame - 4Nine 
(Album - © 2019 Sunset Club records)

Talia Mar - Better (Live version)
(© 2019 Roxburgh Official Youtube Channel)

Consapevolezza dell'infinito - Nico cabeza

(©2019 Cerebro records)

Don't forget me - Jean Juan
(© 2019 Soave Records)

Circadian Groove - Paul Daze

(© 2019 Blackboard)

False Prophets - Kryptonite Music
(Adidas instore Compilation 2019 - © 2019 Noise Army Empire)

Drama (No More) - Jack Wht 
(Adidas instore Compilation 2020 - © 2020 Noise Army Empire)

Lavender- Andy Kulter 
(© 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc)

Missing Time - Seige vs D Edge Knight
(© 2020 Primate records)

Fields & After the River EP - Paul Daze
(© 2020 Natura Viva Black)

Antisocial Podcast  
(16 Episodes - Nov 2020 - Current on)

Hestia - Leena Punks
(© 2020 Vamos Music)

Untata & Who cares - SKAF
(© 2020 Under the Bed Studio rec)

Black Transmission - D Edge Knight 
(Album - © 2020 Trip records)

Neural Side - Nico Cabeza 
(© 2020 Redrum Music)

Monks of Amani EP - Mr Norble Guy

(© 2021 Sneja Recordings)

Little Caprice EP - Seige
(© 2021 Ishua Records)

Darkest Love - Mario piu' 
(© 2021 Out of Body Recordings)

The Flow - Kill the Frequency & Elena
(© 2021 Dancera Records)

Neverending Hope EP - Kill the Frequency & Airbas

(© 2021 Iconyc Noir)

Fresh Lazy Days - Skaf

(© 2021 Under the Bed Studio)

Keep me Alive - D Edge Knight X DVDS (feat Annalisa Zanetti)

(© 2021 Furthersounds Rec)

Filippo, Monico, Music, Studio, Producti
Sound engineering portfolio filippo moni


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